Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Know the Brand “La Palma Biosphere Worldwide Reserve”

La Palma BiosphereWorldwide Reserve wishes, through this brand, to get a better value and distinction of the local products on the part of consumers, at the regional, national and international level.

In addition, it grants the opportunity to use a positive image, environmentally friendly and linked to the island traditional values. This distinction, offers to those businessmen wishing to join our brand, a series of advantages which will make their products to stand out among others.


  • Identifies local resources, products, goods and services related to the brand with the territory where they are produced, manufactured and/or offered.
  • Ensures a quality supported in customized audits.
  • Supposes a higher commercial claim, as it is a product manufactured in an internationally recognized territory as Biosphere Worldwide Reserve.
  • Offers a counseling service by our technicians.
  • Allows a better promotion and spreading of products, through the website, trade fairs and little markets, among others.
  • Eases the access to grants, bonuses, exemptions and formation.

La Palma BiosphereWorldwide Reserve is a tool at the service of local companies. It is leaned on a series or requirements generally comprised in their set of regulations governing use and are materialized in bid specifications for each type of products, goods and services.

There follows a form where you may ask for information about the Brand La Palma Biosphere Worldwide Reserve, as well as series of documents of habitual use for those adhered to the brand or for those wishing to be a part thereof.

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