Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Santa Cruz de La Palma

Population:          17,128 inhabitants

Surface:                45 km²

Altitude:                4 masl

Brief Description:

Santa Cruz de La Palma is the capital of the Island, on the old canton of Tedote, in the eastern part of La Palma.This is a city of shipping tradition (it counts with the main shipping port on the island) and tough orography which has designed a very particular urban landscape.

The history of Santa Cruz de La Palma comprises two phases:in the first place, as from the time of the conquest, from 1493 up to 1553, when the invasion and plundering of the city took place by pirates commanded by François Le Clerk, known as Peg Leg. The second phase would start in 1953 and would be marked by the earthquake produced on May 3 1632 and by occasional fires, specially the one produced in 1770.Afterwards, the city began its restoration giving place to emblematic buildings we may contemplate on the symbolic Royal Road. The urban center was declared Historical-Artistic Building Group in the year 1975, by showing the best civil indicator of civil architecture of La Palma.

How to reach Santa Cruz de La Palma:

The municipality of Santa Cruz de La Palma is accessed through the south by means of LP-2 Road and from the north through LP-1 Road.

La Palma


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