Reserva Biosfera La Palma


Population:          2,769 inhabitants

Surface:               31.10 km²

Altitude:               600 masl

Brief Description:

Puntagorda, is located in the most northwestern point of La Palma Island, and it is a rural municipality with an important agricultural and cattle tradition.These lands have produced a great variety of cereal and legumes to produce roasted maize meal, which, together with potatoes and cheese, took part of the feeding activities of people on the place.

Cattle breeding is mainly based on goats supplying milk and cheese and helping to keep hills clean.One of the main attractions of Puntagorda is the beauty of its landscapes, with the presence of pine forests and fruit fields, which flowers (specially the ones of almond trees) cover the municipality with a spectacular flower color.  

How to reach Puntagorda:

The access way to the municipality of Puntagorda located in the western side of the Island, is LP-1 Road in the northern area.

La Palma


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