Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Breña Baja

Population:           5,259 inhabitants

Surface:                15 km²

Altitude:                300 masl

Brief Description:

Breña Baja municipality is located in a narrow sector between La Villa de Mazo and Breña Alta in the eastern part of La Palma Island.In the old canton of Tedote, it was a single municipality together with Breña Alta up to the year 1634.The economy of the place is based on agriculture, where bananas, avocado and other vegetables such as potatoes and fruits are considered as traditional crops.

It counts with small industries, which, on account of short distances to the island capital, supplement its economy. In such municipality, one of the main touristic cores of the island appears: Los Cancajos.

How to reach Breña Baja:

To reach Breña Baja municipality, Road LP-2 should be followed and from El Paso through the summit La Cumbre we may use LP-3 Road.

La Palma


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