Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Bellido Mills

The path crosses the cliff Barranco del Agua where there appear small bastions of themophile woods. By the end of the itinerary, it is possible to enjoy the wide panoramic views by means of which the urban area of Santa Cruz de La Palma may be observed, as well as export crops appearing in the highest parts of the capital northern area. To the south, we can see the remarkable silhouette of the cliff Risco de la Concepción. However, the most remarkable element of the itinerary, due to its landscape beauty and ethnographic interest, are the Bellido mills, used during old times for grain milling tasks.

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Santa Cruz de La Palma


1h 30 min


The itinerary starts at the Shrine of Las Nieves.


3 Km

type of ground

Ground path.

Itinerary Space

1,5 m



Ways to do it

A pie

Santa Cruz de La Palma

La Palma


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