Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Greetings from the manager

From La Palma Biosphere Worldwide Reserve, as Manager of this institution, I welcome all internet users to this website, to know in detail about all our working and acting lines. Taking advantages of new technologies and IT resources, I give you the opportunity to get closer and understand all singularities on the Island, though our contents. 

La Palma, as an authentic natural jewel, grants us all types of options from coast to summit, offering exuberant landscapes with a singular flora and fauna, in addition to several spare time and cultural activities.

The farmers of La Palma, through their friendliness and effort, have known how to take advantage of all natural wealth La Palma offers, with its fertile soils, good weather and landscape diversity.  That’s how the wild and steep landscape combines with prosperous crops giving the Island wealth and contrast features, creating a pleasant environment to live and visit.

Our strong commitment in the responsible management of our resources and our people’s benefit, encourages us to keep the work we have already started to preserve our territory, when at the same time, we promote a sustainable economic and human development.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to foster the involvement in all our activities, and I would like to thank you for reading our website.

Thank you for cooperating with our website.
Antonio San Blas Álvarez
Manager of La Palma Biosphere Worldwide Reserve



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