Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Sustainability Observatory

The Island Sustainability Observatory is a control and follow-up tool at the insular and municipal level so as to visualize and work on La Palma’s real needs. 
The Observatory collects, elaborates and updates information not only about the conservation condition of natural resources, the environment and the island historical heritage, but about all trends affecting the economic and social sustainability of La Palma. Therefore, a series of indicators are created, so to clearly measure, foresee and understand all variables intertwined with the Island’s sustainability. La Palma Sustainability Observatory counts with 163 island indicators and 79 municipal indicators.

It is our goal to offer the most complete material to act as a calibrator about La Palma’s economic, environmental, social and urban issues. Therefore, the Sustainability Observatory may be considered as:

1. Acomplete study about La Palma Island’s indicators.

2. Avaluable instrument for the orientation of policies.

3. Astudy to assess the development process and leading to make a follow-up throughout time.

4. Atool to compare information among municipalities and other territories.

5. An instrument easing to closely observe the results of initiatives, projects, actions and policies from an objective point of view.

Summary of the Sustainability Observatory 2014.


Economic Business park, tourism, employment, economic sectors (primary, secondary and third)
Environmental Amount of waste generated, water consumed, energy produced, number of fires, pollution figures.
Social Number of students enrolled in schools, number of social security members, number of thefts.
Urban Number of premises, surface of protected territory, equipment network in nature, figures of public transport per inhabitant.

Chart. Subject of study and indicators examples 




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